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Grooming Services

*BathPlease call in for pricing
**Full Groom(716) 220 - 6622

*BathPlease call in for pricing
**Full Groom(716) 220 - 6622

*Bath includes ear cleaning and plucking, shampoo & conditioning, hand blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, cologne/perfume, and a bow or bandanna.

**The Full Groom is everything included in the bath, plus a haircut.

Hand Stripping available for many breeds. Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wired-haired or “rough-coated” breeds by hand, rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new “harsh” wire coat to grow in. Please call for estimate price varies depending on breed and size of animal.

We take alot of consideration in choosing the best products for your pets. We currently use: PlaqClnz Spray and Gel which are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that reduce plaque and tartar without brushing. They contain scientifically proven, natural ingredients including Zinc complex, which stops odor formation, interferes with tartar growth and may aid in healing soft tissue.

We Provide Pet Dyeing services for both cats and dogs. Ask for our Deshedding & Deskunking Services as well. Prices vary depending on breed.

Paw Fizz is a 5 minute natural antibacterial and anti-fungal moisterizing paw soak that helps paw licking, paw irritation, or cracking of the paw pads. It is made with white tea tree oil, comfrey extract, olive leaf extract and seaweed extract. Starting price is $5 and goes up $0.25 per size.

**These are starting prices; an accurate estimate will be given at consultation prior to grooming.

Areas Served include: Willamsville NY, Clarence NY, Amherst NY, Buffalo NY, Akron NY, Newstead NY.